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2. The Mucus Symptom - How to Record Your Descriptions on the Mucus Chart (B):

Next on the chart, the mucus descriptions usually drop into the early mucus (yellow block) which is potentially fertile before ovulation. On Day 9, she felt damp but saw no mucus. That is an important change in sensation. The next two days, Days 10 and 11, she felt damp again, but now white creamy mucus was seen and so she marked X’s in the appropriate columns and squares.

green block

Chart Showing the later time of the cycle.

Finally the mucus descriptions descend to the highly fertile mucus (green block) as the mucus thins out towards ovulation.

At first it is more cloudy and stretchy, but eventually it ends up looking clear, wet and stretchy, just like a raw egg-white. So there is a cluster of Xs in the green block on Days 12 - 14.