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2. The Mucus Symptom - How to Record Your Descriptions on the Mucus Chart (A):

Chart showing the beginning of the cycle - period followed by spotting.

The Chart starts with Day 1 of your period as Day 1 on the chart. Put an X for each day that your period lasts. In this example, the woman had 5 days bleeding with one more day of very light “spotting”.

After that, start a new column each day and read the listed descriptions. Think “SCAT” and try to mark each day: sensation, colour, amount, type. Put X’s opposite the ones that best describe your symptoms of the day.

Chart Showing the dry time of the cycle.

brown and yellow block

If there are DRY days after the period, with no mucus seen or felt, put Xs in the brown block in the column for those days.

In this example, the woman felt:

DRY days after the period (if they exist) will later be classed as infertile provided they are within the Calendar Rule (See later notes in Tutorial on Double Check Rules)