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1. The Temperature Method - Method Rules:

To be able to identify the temperature changes in the cycle, it is vital that charting rules are understood and used correctly. Please download a chart so you can follow the instructions more easily.

How to take your temperature correctly

  1. Take your temperature on waking in the morning, in bed, at the same time (as far as possible) before any activity, cups of tea etc. If it is taken later, the temperature will rise, if taken earlier, it will fall.
  2. Digital thermometers are easy to read, usually require only a minute, but some can be erratic if not used properly. Trap the tip/bulb of the thermometer under the tongue, well back in the soft flesh at the base of the tongue, in the same place each time, without talking or falling asleep. Hold the it in place to stop it moving and losing contact.
  3. Mercury thermometers must be shaken down before use, are slower (requiring 5 min. orally), but charts are usually very stable. Use under the tongue as for digitals.
  4. Both types of thermometers can also be used rectally and usually give very stable readings. Digitals take one minute, mercury only 3 minutes rectally.
  5. The readings can be recorded on the chart in the evening, when you record your mucus symptom. Mercury holds the morning reading till shaken down. Most digital thermometers have a memory device which enables you to read the morning’s reading later in the day.