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Complete Summary of Double-Check Rules Calendar / Mucus / Temperature

the infertile time before ovulation
(double-check of mucus and calendar)

the absolutely infertile time after ovulation begins on:
(double-check of mucus and temperature)

*distinguishing seminal fluid from mucus in the phase after menstruation:

During this first phase of the cycle, it can be difficult to recognise DRY infertile days after the period because of the wetness caused by intercourse. After intercourse, seminal fluid leaks from the vagina over the next day and can look and feel like fertile mucus, causing a wet, slippery feeling at times. This is why the rules for intercourse are restrictive in the learning phase until the woman’s expertise increases.

To avoid confusion when looking for DRY days before the start of the fertile mucus symptom, it is recommended that you have intercourse at night time only in this first phase. Then, shortly afterwards, if you visit the toilet and express the residual seminal fluid from the vagina by bearing down, then blotting the area dry with tissue, you will more easily be able to judge on the next day whether you are still DRY, or whether genuine mucus is present. This practice enables couples to use consecutive DRY nights more confidently, if desired.

Once ovulation is over, (double check rule: peak + 3 days coinciding with 3 (or 4) high temperatures), there are no such restrictions on timing of intercourse. Since this post ovulation phase is absolutely infertile, once it is confirmed, intercourse can take place at any time.